#13 – No Tomato

If you know me, you know that I do not like tomatoes.  Specifically, it’s raw tomatoes that I have a problem with.  You will never, not ever,  catch me eating tomatoes in my salad or on a sandwich.  At a restaurant, I always place my order with “hold the tomatoes.”  It’s one thing about me.

Tomato (Tamatar)

Tomato (Tamatar) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I really wanted to name the blog “notomatoes.”  But, alas, that is taken.  Of course, it is.

Because tomatoes are gross and lots of people hate them.

I just wanted to clarify.  I won’t be posting tomato recipes, or planting tomato plants or saying nice things about tomatoes.  Just so you know.

I probably will be reading this book.  And you should too!

4 thoughts on “#13 – No Tomato

  1. I am not accepting #13. It’s time you be a big girl and try some tomatoes – raw! Maybe you can have some from my garden! How about 35 cherry tomatoes?? Those things are soo good!

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  3. Tomatoes are soo gross, i agree with you 100%. But baby steps would be them little itty bitty tomatoes on bruscetta..Macaroni Grill used to have bruscetta you could build yourself for the inner picky eater.

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