The List

35 (number)

35 (number) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s 34 fun things to do before I turn 35…

  1. Get my passport and use it
  2. Run five 5Ks  (I did one already!)
  3. Visit a new National Park
  4. Host a wine and cheese party
  5. Host four family dinners – not holidays
  6. Fix up the garage – started this one too!
  7. Plant a terrarium
  8. Start painting my nails more often
  9. Visit my best college buddies at each of their houses. (Yep, I just invited myself girls!)
  10. Take my kayak out more.  (Can I get it on the water 10 times this season?)
  11. Go to the Pocono house more
  12. Play some rummy with my grandmom
  13. Eat 35 tomatoes  Reese’s peanut butter cups
  14. Make 10 new recipes
  15. Try out 10 new (to me!) local restaurants
  16. Commit 5 acts of “Guerilla Goodness”
  17. Find somewhere to volunteer
  18. Read 10 books
  19. Go to the Morris Arboretum

A little housekeeping about the list:

You probably noticed that there are only 19 things on this list of 34 things, huh?  Apparently, it’s still a work in progress. Like life. Got any suggestions?

You may have also noticed that I got real specific with numbers up there – five 5Ks, ten times in the kayak, etc. Overkill?  The bonus will be that I’ll actually complete way more than 34 things, ensuring a year that is packed to the gills with fun!

Lastly, I feel compelled to write some sort of disclaimer.  Something along the lines of…”I reserve the right to alter, edit, delete or renumber this list at any point for any reason, etc, etc…”  But does that defeat the purpose?  If it goes on the list, it should stay on the list and be done and have fun doing it??  No take-backs?

7 thoughts on “The List

  1. Looks great! And yes, you can come to my house!

    I can’t wait to add fun ( and probably crazy) suggestions for your list. I do have one – you really need to eat 35 tomatoes!

    Love you lots and I refuse to believe we’re getting old. Think of it as your 4th (or would it be 3rd) anniversary of your 30th birthday!

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  3. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you – when you come visit, we can go to Mammouth Cave is a National Park. 2 birds with one stone. And – if you include eating 35 tomatoes in one sitting – you’ve got another one to check off the list. 🙂

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