#4 – Wine and Cheese/Be MC

Does it count as hosting if someone else throws the party?  But it’s at your house?  Either way, I had a sweet little wine and cheese gathering on my patio.

My good friend MC called a few gals over to my place to celebrate my birthday and help me kick start my list.  She even brought the wine and cheese!  She said all I had to do was open the door.  (I did make sure the place was clean first.)  How nice is that?!

When MC heard about my list and that I wanted to have a wine and cheese party (but was whining about my small, undecorated patio with not enough chairs) she made it happen.  We shopped, I gardened. She invited people to my house.  One thing about MC is, she’s a doer. Like a 5am vacuuming, cake-baking, painting kind of doer.  Sometimes, lately,  I’m not.  Never at 5am.  But I do feel happy when I accomplish things on my list.  Whether it’s a Chores-and Tasks-To-Do list or a Before-I-Turn-35-Fun list, it feels good to be doing, to be out and about, to be cake-baking and painting…not so much to be vacuuming.  Sometimes when I’m really tempted to curl up on the couch for a Real Housewives of NJ marathon some TV, I remind myself to “Be MC.”  It’s a little commandment I revised from one of my favorite bloggers/best-selling author, Gretchen Rubin, who reminds herself to “Be Gretchen.”  I’m not sure how Gretchen would feel about my spin on her commandment since her idea is to be herself, accept herself, realize her true strengths and areas of limitation, likes and dislikes. And here I am, trying to be someone else.  But I think she would get it. I don’t actually want to BE MC.  I like being me and 5am is not my time.  I want to emulate what I think is a great quality of my friend. I want to be productive.  I want to make things happen.  MC motivates me to get doing and I always feel good about it.  But if the doing ever got to be too much, I could always duct tape her to a chair, so she could sit, relax, enjoy some coffee and chit chat.  (That may or may not have happened in real life.)  That’s what friends are for.  And one more thing about MC is, she’s a great friend.  Just look at the cheese tray she made for me!

Cheese Tray by MC

PS – I’m not totally done with #4 because I really want to do this at a wine and cheese party.

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