Additions and Revision

Ugh.  Work has had me busy this past week, so I didn’t get to do anything fun from my list.  Wait. I did start a new book.  It’s good.  I’ll tell you about it later.  I had other fun though.  There were parties and bike rides.  I held a peeing turtle.  Well, the pee part wasn’t that fun, but who doesn’t love turtles?  Anyway, I’ve had this list on my mind. I’ve been scheming up a few additions and I have one revision here too. I’ve decided that if I put it on the list, I’m going to try my very best to make it happen.  I can revise by adding, but not deleting.  I am soooo looking forward to my upcoming vacation time and summer fun.  Here’s a bit of what I might be up to…     

  • 20.  Try out the beers at 5 new breweries.  Must include at least one tour.  (The learning will justify the drinking, right?)
  • 21.  Print and display some photos from my travels.
  • 22.  Learn to take better photos.
  • 23.  Hike some local trails.
  • 24.  Fly a kite on the beach.
  • 25.  See the northern lights. (This is a winter activity so, brrrr! and how about maybe Iceland?????)

    Paddling my kayak in a wave-less Vermont lake

  • A revision to #10 about kayaking.  I’m going to add at least one ocean kayak with some wave riding.  I’m a calm water kinda girl, but this could be fun.  At the very least it’ll be entertaining for those watching while I wipe out.  Look for pics later.

Also, there seems to be a push amongst several friends that I actually buck up and eat 35 tomatoes. Frieeeeeeeends!!?? C’mon! I only added that one to the list so I could connect the blog name and use the strikethrough font!  I’ll probably throw up.  But, maybe.  MAYBE!  I’ll eat one…piece. I’d so much rather eat peanut butter cups.  Just sayin.

9 more to add…

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