#15 – Nina’s Waffles

There’s a new ice cream shop in town! But, oh!  This is not just any ice cream shop. This is Nina’s Waffles and Ice Cream.  This place has WAFFLES!  Waffles and ice cream!  Go now!

I went on a Friday. If you can’t go right this second, I highly recommend going on a Friday night, because in New Hope, PA, where Nina’s is located, there is a fireworks show every Friday evening throughout the summer.  (Psst…try not to tell too many people, but there’s a little patch of grass across the street from Nina’s that is great for fireworks viewing.  Couldn’t see all the low ones but the lack of a crowd made up for it.  Keep it tight!)

About the waffles.  I have the menu right here and I could go on about the handcrafted, organic ice cream from oWowCow Creamery with multiple variations of vanilla.  I could tell

Nina’s Waffles and Ice Cream
31 West Mechanic Street
New Hope, PA

you the history of the Liege waffle recipe or let you know how to order a party tray.  But I think it’s best that we just focus on “Nina’s Favorite.”  See it there on the menu board?  Yeah. You read correctly.  That totally says NUTELLA!

Warm waffle, melty nutella, choose a vanilla ice cream, plus, whipped cream and chocolate chips. Uuummm… Nina, I love you!

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