Location, Location, Location – #26

I think I’ve got a pretty sweet deal going here.  In anywhere from a half hour to two, I can be in Philadelphia, the Pocono Mountains or at the Jersey Shore.  (Not this! More like this.)  I can also make it to New York City by train or driving.  With all these great places so close by, there’s almost no end to the fun things I can do!

I think I’ve always been grateful for my general location and the experiences it has afforded me.  I remember thinking about this in grade school, when learning about the Declaration of Independence, the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross and other such important events and people in our country’s history.  I would read about Philadelphia in my textbooks and think, “How cool is it, to live in this place where so many important things have happened?” I remember thinking about it while on a whale watching trip.  The sea was a bit rough that day and a family sitting close by was very seasick. They commented that they were from the mid-west and this was their first time seeing the ocean in person.  It wasn’t a pleasant meeting for them, and I couldn’t get over the idea of being an adult and never having experienced the ocean.  I think I had sand on my feet before I could even use them to walk.

My most recent cause for loving my locale was a trip to NYC with a bunch of friends from work.  We went to the city to celebrate the beginning of summer and take in a show.  It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon.  We stopped in to a great pub for drinks then had dinner at a cute, little, Italian place.  We chatted and laughed lots so we had to hustle to the theater, but we all made it to our seats in time to see the Broadway production of Sister Act. Raven Symone played the lead.  (Remember her?)  It was funny!  The singing was amazing!  The dancing was fabulous!  And I thought to myself, “I love this! Why don’t I see more shows?”

Sister Act
at The Broadway Theater
New York, NY

Soooooo…number 26 on my list will be to see at least one more Broadway show this year.  Maybe 2.  I’m thinking Wicked or The Lion King.  Haven’t seen either!  I’ll be taking your recommendations starting………now.

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