The Category Cloud and #23

Have you noticed the category cloud there on my home page?  It’s the green words that tell you what I’m up to.  Each time I categorize a post with one of those words, the word gets bigger.  The more I do something, the bigger the word.  Have you noticed the biggest words?  “FOOD” and “EATING”!  “Recipes” and “wine” are medium sized.  “Running” is tiny.  It’s sad, but true.  (Yet, yummy.)  I need to get moving!

So, even though it was super hot and humid here on the first day of summer (95 degrees!), I grabbed one of my best pals and we set out for a hike.  We packed up lots of water, some snacks and Caroline’s Camera then trekked into the woods. We walked. We spent some time frog watching. We walked. We scrambled over boulders.  We walked.  We listened for bears.  (They live around here!) We walked and walked.  Under the shade of lots of trees, it was cooler than we expected.  Judging from the sweat that was dripping down my forehead and causing my hair to curl, I’m sure we were getting a good workout, but with all that FOOD and EATING I’ve had going on, I thought I just needed to kick it up a notch.  And that’s when I decided to scale a tree.  No big deal.

Cool, huh?  Did you know that I’m an award winning tree climber?  It was a little tough at first but once I got going…OK. I confess.  That’s a trick pic.  I’m actually laying down on the tree that must have fallen a little while ago right across our trail. (See what we did there? My friend is a good photographer!)  When I showed this shot to some other friends they thought I really was just shimmying right up that big trunk.  It reminded me that things can appear differently depending on our perspective and also that we get to make our lives by the stories we tell ourselves.  I could tell myself that I’m a FOOD EATING blob or focus on being a TREE SCALING HIKER. I actually want to be both.  Well, not the blob part, but I do love food!  What would end up in your category cloud? Get out there, get moving and make a good story!

3 thoughts on “The Category Cloud and #23

  1. This may be a bad memory but when I saw the picture of you ”scaling” the tree it made me think of the time that we were all hanging from your neighbor’s tree and it was your turn and the rope broke and you came down right on your head. You had a bump on your head for weeks. Sorry but I had to share.

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