# 16 – Library Goodness

I’ve had this kindness project on my mind for a while now, probably ever since I hatched this list idea and first discovered Kindness Girl. Two recent events pushed me into action today, though…The first kindness event  happened amongst dozens of colorful, fluttering butterflies.  Just as you would imagine a kind gesture to occur, right?  Who doesn’t feel like being nice while in the company of butterflies?  Not anyone I know.  So, my friend, Caroline, and I were enjoying our third hour in the butterfly room at The Academy of Natural Sciences and I was illegally picking up butterflies sitting still as a statue and wishing for some big blue ones to land on me when a beautiful, delicate, yellow and black butterfly landed on another museum guest.  Now, this woman had been in the 80 degree and  80% humidity room about as long as we had and was happily snapping pictures the entire time.  So when she pointed the landing out to us, my friend offered to take some pics with the lady’s camera BUT!…her memory card was full!  No worries…Caroline snapped a quick pic with her own camera and, just as fast, asked for the woman’s card and offered to email the picture to her.  And she did!  That very night!  By the next morning, there was an email exchange and the woman seemed very happy to have a photo of her butterfly encounter.  Lesson: Sometimes, it’s okay to talk to strangers. It can even be GOOD!

The second event happened the very next day after I went for a morning run.  I went to a local park where there are trails next to a river.  The tricky part for me is always after the run.  (OK!  The run itself was a bit tricky due to my recent lack of running but we can address that in another post.)  So, after the run, I need to drive my car out of the parking lot, which requires driving up a steep, VERY steep, hill. With a RIVER behind it. And stopping at a stop sign.  And WAITING for traffic.  Ugh!!  I hate it!  Every time, I have to remind myself that my car will not, I repeat, WILL NOT roll backwards down the hill and into the river the second I release my foot from the brake.  Oh, it stresses me out!  And on this particular morning there was lots of traffic and I started to freak out (just a little) when I saw a car ACTUALLY ROLLING BACKWARDS!!!…until I realized that the driver was purposely moving his car back so that I could pull forward and get off the hill.  I waved a thank you! I smiled! I waved again.  If only that guy knew how relieved he made me feel. Lesson: Look out for others. You never know what even a small gesture will mean to someone.

Experiencing these acts of kindness around me, made me want to put some of my own kindness out there in the world, on purpose.  So, I headed over to my local library with food on my mind. (I can’t help it!  See Category Cloud.) First stop, the children’s section.  I picked out one of my favorite children’s books (for obvious reasons) and left a gift card for water ice inside.  C’mon!  You can’t argue.  Water ice > tomatoes.  Fact. Next up, something for the grown ups.  I  found a few cookbooks that I like and left a little note inside with some recipe cards. I love a hand-written recipe, so I hope people will share the food love.  I really wish I could see the moment when someone finds those little gifts!  I hope it makes them smile. I might just check back in a few weeks and see if the surprises were found.

This is the butterfly picture that Caroline emailed to a fellow photographer.
Photo Credit: carolinecamera.wordpress.com

I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato
by Lauren Child

I don’t really like that tomato book, but I put some recipe cards inside anyway. Good tomato karma! Also, Kim Severson lived and cooked in Alaska and I heart Alaska!

Recipe cards inside of “Time For Dinner” by Jenny Rosenstrach and others. She has another great book out called, “Dinner, A Love Story.”

Sharing food is a sign of love!

I left this one out of its place because I really want someone to find the gift!

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