#10 – FAIL!

Oh!  It was a beautiful day here yesterday!  Sun shining, blue sky, a few fluffy white clouds, warm, but not too hot.  It seemed like a great day for kayaking.  So I rounded up my good friends, slapped on some sunscreen, secured the roof rack, loaded the boat up and things looked something like this…

All ready to go!

Got to the lake and things looked something like this…


Aaaaannnnd…kayaking – OVER!  Before it even began.  Cue sad trombone music.  So the lake itself was not technically closed, but the boat rental place was, which meant that my friends couldn’t rent boats and who wants to kayak alone?  Well, I guess some people do, ya know, for the peace and solitude and all, but I was looking for some fun time with my girls. No sweat. It’s summer!  We got ice cream instead.  Not a bad trade.  Stay tuned for more kayaking adventures.  I have some wave riding plans in the works…(yikes!)

2 thoughts on “#10 – FAIL!

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