#13 – I Did It Again! and again.

This was not part of the plan.  Tomato eating, that is.  Look right up at the top of the page.  It says, “Tomatoes NOT included!”  Seriously, I only named the blog 35tomatoes so that I could connect it to something about myself other than my list. I thought I would be leaving room for the blog to evolve beyond this year of the list.  And I only added “eat 35 tomatoes” to the list so that I could connect the blog title to the list.  I meant it as a joke. And I used the strikethrough font!  Which means it is strikken from the record.  Which means I don’t have to do it!  (Strikken is so a word!)

Maybe all of that only makes sense in my mind or maybe people just like seeing their friends squirm a little, because, as I mentioned before, and as continues to happen, I am being strongly urged by a few of my “friends” to actually buck up and eat the dang things.  At one point someone even started their own list of tomato dishes for me to taste!  Sadly, that got lost on a broken phone.  Oh, darn.

But, if you could just not tell my friends, I’ll admit that I haven’t been minding it too, too much.  There has only been one truly bad, gag-inducing experience.  And there was one that I actually LIKED!  The rest were either things that I already didn’t mind, like salsa, were covered up by other ingredients (basil and balsamic? Yum!) or were just ok.  It’s not like I’m craving them or anything but maybe, by the end of this year, I might be allowing a few more of them onto my plates…

It’s blurry because I was shaking my head “NO!” It was a tomato slice that I took off of my sandwich. It was gross and yucky and mushy! BLECH! No, thank you!

I don’t really mind salsa, but this is a much bigger, chunkier, tomato-y-er, scoop than I would ordinarily take. Thanks, kid.

Sideways thumb? Or thumbs up? It wasn’t that bad.

That tomato was on my delicious turkey burger from the Dogfish Head restaurant in DE and I will admit that it looked like it might taste good. Nice and red.  But after my previous gross out with a sliced one from a sandwich, I let my assistant take it. It’s good to have a cute and adventurous assistant!

I snagged this one from my assistant’s mama’s pizza. And boy was I surprised! It was GOOD! It was sweet! Maybe a plum tomato, maybe stewed then a little roasted. I went back for bigger pieces!

I saw this at the library today. Have I mentioned that I live in the “Garden State”? People claim we grow the best tomatoes in the land! I guess I should try a little harder to enjoy them. For my state.

9 thoughts on “#13 – I Did It Again! and again.

  1. Ok – So I just caught up on your blog for the first time in ages. Keep eating those tomatoes. Don’t be such a drama queen!!

    It looks like you are having such a fantastic summer. My summer is going by too fast.

    Can’t wait until you get here for the wedding. Remember, you need to visit Mammouth Cave, eat my tomatoes, and check mark visiting one of the college roomies at her house.

    Miss you tons! We need to facetime soon!

  2. Hi! I’m not sure how or where I happened by your blog, and I’ve only read bits and pieces but I’m really enjoying it! I am not of fan of tomatoes either so I get a chuckle out of that … and love #13, although I’ve yet to read about the “or Reeses” explanation lol. I much prefer a Reeses over a tomato any day! I’m wondering if you’re local as you mention the Morris Arboretum (Frelinghuysen)? Anyway, your list is beginning to inspire me …
    I’m looking forward to reading more …
    Keep on!

      • I have to admit I know nothing about ‘lists’ so I’m certain I don’t have one, lol nor do I have a blog, but I toy with the idea … I’m raising a guide dog and wished I had begun one when we first received the puppy.

        I think there’s something to be said about preferring Reeses over tomatoes! 🙂

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