#15 – Breakfast with the Bakers

Well, the Bakers didn’t bake the breakfast but they did show me a great new eating spot in one of my favorite towns.  The Bakers are my good friends, Rob and Caroline, and the restaurant is Cafe Blue Moose in New Hope, PA.

Cafe Blue Moose
9 W. Mechanic Street

New Hope is an adorably, fun town along the Delaware River that is full of artsy, little shops and lots of restaurants.  Cafe Blue Moose is unique among the eateries though.  In fact, they are unique in the country in that they are the nation’s only completely youth-run restaurant.  It’s high school and college-aged students who do everything in the kitchen and dining rooms of this cafe.  I’m totally into supporting a place that supports our kids.

…and your manners.

It’s a small restaurant with only 30 seats but they did find some space to fit in a few moose for decor.  The menu is not large either but the portions are more than enough.  The dinner menu is a prix fixe.  Offering only a few different choices but changing them frequently to allow for use of local ingredients at their prime.  The breakfast/brunch menu includes a list of eight different pastries that come with most of the meals.  Check it out…

Look at all of those pastries!  And do you see what’s there on the bottom?  NUTELLA!

It was the pastry list combined with the nutella pancake offering that made it very hard for me to decide on my order.  I really wanted some nutella, but I also really wanted about four of those pastries and something savory.  See those cheddar biscuits?  Don’t they seem like a party for your taste buds? But I really like nutella.  But I can never finish when I order pancakes.  What to do?  I asked the waitress for more deciding time.  And that’s when ROB BAKER saved the breakfast!   He offered to give me a taste of his pancakes in exchange for a little sharing of my menu choice.  Deal, buddy!

I’ll drink to breakfast sharing!

My choice turned out to be the Scrambler du jour (after I confirmed that there were no tomatoes included!).  I also got fries and a homemade cinnamon bun.  Caroline got the Omelette du jour with fruit and a cheddar biscuit party for her taste buds.  Rob brought the nutella goodness to the table and we added some grilled banana bread just because. We all shared. It was all delicious! But seriously, look at that nutella!

See what they did there? They totally put the nutella in a pastry bag or a squeeze bottle. I need that to happen at my house.

This place is cute, the food is super yummy and the kids are working and very friendly. I recommend you try it!  If you want dinner, call ahead for reservations.  Like a few weeks ahead…I hear they’re packin the place every weekend!

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