Back on the Blog/ Replacement

I took a little break from writing at the end of the summer but I did NOT take a break from doing the fun things on my list.  I have a lot of stuff to tell you!  It’s about #’s 1, 10, 13, 17, 18, 20 and 23! Real quick summary: I left the country. I took the kayak out.  I ate more tomatoes (good and bad!).  I’m volunteering for a super awesome, feel-good program! I did some reading and have a few books on my waiting list.  There was a brewery or two.  And I got schooled in local hiking. Plus lots of fun things that aren’t on the list.  It was a gooooooood summer! Really good.  I’ll fill you in. Stay tuned…

Can you guess where I went with the passport?

But also, there are 7 and a half-ish months left until my birthday and 6 spots still to fill on my list. Plus it’s back to school time and this always feels like a goal-setting/new year’s resolution kind of time to me so I want to make one replacement and ask for some help with filling the rest of my list.

The replacement is #8 – painting my nails.  OK. Whatever.  Not me.  I was originally talking fingers (toes are always done!) and I did do them a few times but then I realized that it’s not my thing.  It was a good trick back in the day when painting helped me stop biting.  And I’m fine with it if you like painting your nails.  It’s cute on some girls, but it just doesn’t do anything for me anymore. And I gotta be me! So it’s off the list.  I want this list to be about filling my days up with the fun things I love, people I want to be with, finding new things I like, getting out of my comfort zone and making me happy.  Painting nails isn’t doing it.  Skiing though…skiing might do something for me!  So #8 is now… to use my skis more than once this winter. (Dear Snow, Please cooperate. But not too much. No one likes school in July.) So that leaves 6 more spots to fill… got ideas?  I want fun, out of my box, happy, new ideas.  Taking suggestions…

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