Am I 34?

I am. I was confused for a bit and slightly depressed but it’s all clear now and I’ve got a little plan to make it an awesome year…

Celebrating my 33rd birthday in Disney World

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite bloggers linked to a list that another blogger had made of things she wanted to do before her next birthday. It was just the thing I needed to read at the time. I feel very lucky to have done some really cool things recently (um…I went to both  Alaska and Disney World twice in a year’s time!), but I’ve also been feeling like I could use a little something to spice up my days.  So I thought I might make my own list and I might even blog about it.

When I read about the list idea, I was 33 and my birthday was just a few weeks away. I figured that gave me time to gather up my ideas and work out the whole blog thing.  I was happily dreaming of my list and the things I would do.  I imagined myself telling people about it, “Yeah, it’s called 33 before 34.  33 fun things to do before I turn 34!  Good, right?!” I kept saying 33 before 34 in my head. 33 before 34.  Here’s where the sadness hit.  I turned 34 THIS year!  My list would have to be 34 before THIRTY FIVE!  And 35 feels like…old.  Is it considered middle aged? I was already starting to forget things – like my age!

Whatever.  I got over it fairly quickly.  Some good friends shared my excitement about the list and suggested that it was even more appropriate to do before such a big birthday as  thirtyFIVE.  The ones that end with 0 or 5 do feel like milestones, right? Deserving of a little extra celebration.  Plus, I’ll probably be less inclined to get down in the dumps about my elderliness next year, after I’ve completed the list and had a fun-filled year.  Aaaannd, I’ve kinda been wanting to write and blog but wasn’t sure about a focus. So here we are. I hope the blog will allow you to follow along as I enjoy my list and my 35th year!  Maybe some of you will even join me in real life.  Let’s do this thing!

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