#12 – Family Fun and Games

I’m not gonna tease my dad.  (Again.)  But the man might be addicted to his ipad.  It’s his solitaire app to be exact.  He’s slightly obsessed with beating his own records.  He texts me about it.  But I’m gonna give him a pass on this one.  He just retired.  And after years of hard work to, ya know, send me to college and stuff, I guess he deserves it.  So I won’t give him a hard time if he plays HUNDREDS of games a day.  It’s fine.  I’m not so sure if this is fine though…

That’s my grandmom. On the ipad.  Does she really need to be dragged into his habit? I mean, she’s already a champ at Wii bowling. Can’t that be the extent of her techie gaming? She and I used to play rummy with, uh, actual cards. Isn’t that the way grandmoms are supposed to play?  I had been wanting to get back to it with her.  That’s why I put it on my list.  So when my mom texted me that pic, I knew I had to bump this one up to the top.  I thought maybe my dad could use a little intervention face to face interaction so I invited him along too.  But our rummy plans were foiled when we got to my grandmom’s place.  It was bingo day!  We didn’t want to make her miss that kind of fun or the chance to win some $$$.  Well it’s more like one dollar sign but still, we joined right in!


We didn’t actually play our own boards.  Bingo crowds can be tough.  We weren’t sure if outsiders were allowed so we just helped my grandmom and her ladies with their boards.  Her friends each won a game ($4 total!)  but my grandmom didn’t.  Frowny face.  So I’m thinking I’ll bring a prize on my next visit and we’ll try for rummy then.  Hopefully I can rip Dad away from the screen again…

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