#14 Lunch

Do you pack or buy? I try to pack. I don’t really have time to go out to lunch on weekdays.  I can buy lunch in the cafeteria where I work, but the options are limited, so I try to bring something from home most days.  Jars of peanut butter seem to have a way of multiplying in my cabinet, so I can always, and often do, throw together a PB&J.  I’m most happy, though,  when I can make a big batch of something tasty over the weekend and then divide it into smaller portions for lunch during the week.  In a short amount of time, I get to check “Make Lunch” off of my to-do list for the whole week, or most of it, at least. And while I’m working hard all morning, I get to look forward to a nice meal at break time.  If you like to do the same thing, I’ve got a recipe to share… Continue reading

#14 – New Recipe

I got a mint plant. Yep, fresh mint growing like wild on the patio and I know exactly what you’re thinking…MOJITOS!  Well, you’re right.  That’s totally why I got it!  But I thought I should act a little bit responsible and use it at least once to make something that’s not a cocktail.  So, today I bring you… Continue reading